Brea Grant Diet Plan


American actress Brea Grant‘s entry to Hollywood was in 2007. Her first acting gig was on the B-movie You’re So Dead. Afterwards, she secured a 3-episode gig on the TV series Friday Night Lights. During the same period she had roles in low-budget films. She then appeared in the films Middle of Nowhere and Midnight Movie. Her first significant role was on the popular series Heroes. She played Daphne on the show, appearing in 16 episodes. Afterwards, she starred in the movie Halloween II. After a role in the movie The Perfect Student, she appeared in 4 episodes of Dexter. Her latest film is Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival released last year.

The petite actress (she’s only 5’2) is already in her mid 30s, but she looks so much younger than her actual age. This is because Brea follows a healthy lifestyle that involves healthy eating and exercise. As she’s already 35, she believes it is more crucial for her to be cautious of what she eats. Though she admits that she was more carefree as to her eating habits when she was younger, now is a different time and story for her. Eating healthy is important for her to not only look good, but to also feel great.

She understands the fact that nutrition is 80 percent of the whole health game. If she wants to be fit and maintain her healthy weight, she needs to focus on eating healthy. Thus, she starts her day with a healthy breakfast. This may be eggs or whole grain cereal. For lunch she focuses on lean protein, which means she either has fish or chicken. For dinner, she has a bowl of pasta with seafood or chicken to make it healthier tastier. Of course, she knows that in order to be happy, she needs to indulge her cravings like pizza and fries. She just eats these foods in moderation.

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