Bitsie Tulloch Diet Plan


American film and TV actress Bitsie Tulloch got herself in the acting world in the mid 2000s. Her initial acting gigs were guest roles on The West Wing and Cold Case. Her first significant role was on the interactive web series Lonelygirl15. Around the same time she had roles in a couple of B-movies. She finally landed her first lead role on the web series Quarterlife. She got her break in 2011 after starting to play the role of Juliette Silverton on Grimm. The show is currently in its fifth season and will resume next year as its sixth and final season. She has also recently appeared in the movies Chronic and Concussion.

The 35-year-old actress stands at 5’6 and is also notable for her svelte figure. This, in addition to her remarkable beauty and knack for acting is what got her noticed. As she ages the actress becomes more cautious of her diet. She believes that eating right and healthy is what keeps her in shape and energetic. That’s why she intends to continue her healthy eating habits. This is more important as her metabolism slows down naturally. Thus it is crucial to be more careful in order to maintain her weight.

Aside from taking Pilates to stay healthy, the actress also makes sure her body receives the nutrients it needs. When she’s on the set of Grimm, she uses particular kinds of dietary supplements, foods and drinks to be at her best. Through this she gets to work more efficiently. She said in an interview with HealthyLiving Magazine: “I try to take homeopathic remedies when possible. I swear by Wellness Formula—it makes you burp but it definitely helps ward off sickness. I drink kombucha a few times a week and snack on golden berries. I’ve always been pretty good about eating Greek yogurt and taking probiotics.”

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