Bonnie Hunt Net Worth

Bonnie Hunt

Bonnie Hunt:

$10 million

Bonnie Hunt is an American actress. She started her career in the 1980s, debuting in the 1988 film Rain Man. Later in 1990, she starred as Carol Anne Smithson in the TV series Grand. Later, she starred as Gwen Davis in the CBS sitcom Davis Rules. After this, she played the lead as Bonnie Kennedy in the sitcom The Building. She reprised her role in Bonnie. During the ’90s, she also had performances in the films Beethoven’s 2nd, Only You, Getting Away with Murder, and Jerry Maguire. In 1995, she played Sarah Whittle in Jumanji. She later played Jan Edgecomb in the movie The Green Mile. In the 2000s, she played the lead Bonnie Molloy in the sitcom Life with Bonnie. She won the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress for her work here in 2004. From 2008 to 2010, she hosted The Bonnie Hunt Show. Back in the movies, she also starred as Kate Baker in Cheaper by the Dozen and Cheaper by the Dozen 2. She’s also the voice of Dolly in Toy Story 3 and Toy Story 4.

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