Ashley Jensen Diet Plan

Ashley Jensen

Scottish actress Ashley Jensen got her start on television, first appearing on the show City Lights. She next appeared as an extra in Tickets for the Zoo. She went on to make guest roles on Rab C. Nesbitt and Screen One. Her first recurring role was as Rosie on the British sitcom May to December. She later landed the role of Heather on the British drama series Roughnecks, after which she appeared in 2 episodes of The Bill.

Later in 1999, she had a role in the movie Topsy-Turvy. From 1998 to 2000, she also became known for her role as PC Sue Chappell on the police drama series City Central. In the 20001, she had recurring roles on Clocking Off, Breeze Block, and Sweet Medicine. From 2005 to 2007, she starred as Maggie Jacobs on the sitcom Extras. Her performance here gained her British Comedy awards. She also earned BAFTA and Emmy nominations.

In the US, she gained mainstream fame for her role as Christina McKinney on the ABC series Ugly Betty. At the same time, she was the narrator of the documentary series Embarrassing Bodies. She also simultaneously starred as Olivia on the short-lived show Accidentally on Purpose. As of 2014, she plays the title role on the show Agatha Raisin, as well as stars as Fran on Catastrophe.

The actress stays fit and healthy by filling her body with nutritious food selections. Her diet plan mainly consists of whole grains, proteins, and vegetables. In the morning, she typically starts her day with a cup of tea. She then has a bowl of muesli or opts some oatcakes and cheese if she’s in a hurry. When she’s working on a show or a play, she doesn’t mind drinking a cup of coffee mid-morning.

For lunch, it’s usually some fish with salad. “My current lunch routine is to buy a French-bean and olive salad and add peppered mackerel to it. I eat a lot of fish – I was vegetarian until Frankie was born, when I started eating meat again,” said the actress.

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