Anthony Michael Hall Net Worth

Anthony Michael Hall

Anthony Michael Hall:

$8 million

Anthony Michael Hall is an American actor. His career started in the early ’80s, debuting on the TV film The Gold Bug. In 1982, he made his first movie role in Six Pack. He later starred as Rusty Griswold in the film National Lampoon’s Vacation, followed by his role as Farmer Ted (The Geek) in Sixteen Candles. He gained wider recognition for starring as Brian R. Johnson in 1985’s The Breakfast Club and Gary Wallace in Weird Science. During the ’90s, he starred in the movies Edward Scissorhands, and Into the Sun. He later starred in the film Hail Caesar, which also marked his directorial debut. In 2008, he played Mike Engel in the movie The Dark Knight. His latest film roles were in War Machine and Bodied.

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