Andrew Lincoln Diet Plan

Andrew Lincoln

Andrew Lincoln is an English actor who began his career in the UK. For years, he spent his career only in the UK and was able to establish his career there with a couple of starring roles on both television shows and feature films. Later on, he expanded his career and started working on other international projects. He first became known among worldwide audiences for his performance in the British romantic film Love Actually. After some more time in the UK, he auditioned for television roles in the US and got his major break after landing the lead role of Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead. Although his southern accent on the show was first criticized for sounding unnatural, he was able to normalize his speaking voice eventually in the latter episodes and seasons. Now, the show is a global hit and Andrew has since become a well-known actor all over the world.

Being on a television show with action-packed scenes, it became more crucial for the actor to take care of not only his physical appearance but his strength and agility as well. While it is given that the actor works out efficiently, it is also important to note that the English hottie eats clean and healthy to ensure his health and fitness. Judging from the popularity of his character on the show, it can be concluded that whatever he’s doing to guarantee his physical appropriateness for the role, he’s on the right path.

To achieve a clean dietary regimen, Andrew stays away from unhealthy carbs and sticks to the one that’s more body friendly. He also stays away from fatty foods and focuses on eating lean protein to give him further physical strength. Wherever he is, he makes sure he eats foods packed with nutrition, that’s why he looks so good and looks efficient as an action figure.

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