Alaina Huffman Diet Plan

Alaina Huffman

Alaina Huffman is an actress from Canada whose career began in 2001. Starting with uncredited roles, soon she landed one-time roles on television. She also got movie parts. Some of her guest roles during her early years were in Dawson’s Creek, Tru Calling, The O.C., and Medical Investigation. She also appeared in several low-budget movies. Later, she played Maureen Bowers in the TV series Painkiller Jane, as well as played Dinah Lance/Black Canary in Smallville.

At the same time, she starred in the miniseries Jack Hunter and the Lost Treasure of Ugarit. She continued making guest roles on the small screen, too, notably in CSI: Miami and CSI: NY. From 2009 to 2011, she gained wider recognition for her role as 1st Lt. Tamara Johansen in the sci-fi series Stargate Universe. Following this, she guest starred in NCIS: Los Angeles and Alphas. She went on to play Abaddon/Josie Sands, a recurring character in The CW’s Supernatural. Huffman’s latest performance was in the 2018 feature film The Perfection. She also starred in the independent film Amber Alert.

The 39-year-old actress admits she’s a foodie, which is why dieting doesn’t come easy for her. Still, diets for her don’t mean to deprive herself of food in order to stay slim. For her, it’s all about eating healthily and in moderation. Now that she’s a mom, staying healthy also comes naturally for her, wanting to teach her kids to be healthy as well. Her meals are mostly nutritious ones. They’re typically composed of lean protein, whole grains, and plenty of veggies and fruits. When she’s working, she eats healthy snacks to avoid getting hungry in between meals. Her go-to are almonds, protein bars, and some fruits. She’s also into juices and shakes. As for her favorite meals, she said: “I LOVE Lebanese food… then Indian… Ethiopian…I could go on and on.”

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