Tricia Helfer Workout Routine

Tricia Helfer

It was in 2002 that Canadian star Tricia Helfer started her acting career professionally. Her first ever gig was in the TV series Jeremiah. Shortly after, she gained recognition for playing Number Six in the miniseries Battlestar Galactica. When it became a television series the year after, she went on to reprise her role. While on the show, she appeared in the movies White Rush, The Genius Club, Memory, Spiral, and Walk All Over Me. Simultaneously, she appeared as Carla in Burn Notice. She continued her prolific career in the 2010s. During this period, she played a main role in Dark Blue and had a recurring part in The Firm. From 2012 to 2013, she was part of the main cast of Tron: Uprising. More recently, she had a recurring role in Powers. She now plays a starring role in the Fox series Lucifer.

Former Battlestar Galactica actress maintains her slender and toned physique by regularly working out. Being physically active is something that she makes sure she does in order to remain healthy and fit at the same time. In an interview, she shared what she does for her fitness. She said: “I love to run or hike (I’m a heavy-duty hiker) with some calisthenics as well — you have to tone up, too. But there always has to be some cardio involved. You gotta get your heart rate going. [To keep things fresh] I mix up my workouts: One day [I’ll do] yoga, one day’s running and weights, one day I’m doing Pilates, one day’s hiking.”

She also multitasks when she’s working out. Having a hectic schedule, this is a must for her. She said: “I’ll play a TV show when I’m working out, usually — unless I’m filming in which case I’m memorizing a script. On the treadmill, I’ll watch a show that I want to pay attention to like The Bridge or Justified or The Good Wife. But if I’m doing Pilates or boxing, I’ll watch something like Criminal Minds — you could be upside down or your head backwards on the reformer and still understand what’s going on.”

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