Stephanie Sigman Workout Routine

Stephanie Sigman

Mexican-American actress Stephanie Sigman got her career start in the mid-2000s, though it was in the 2010s that she became more known for her acting work. She made her breakthrough as the lead in the Mexican film Miss Bala. This earned her international attention, for which she was nominated for a Dublin Film Critics’ Circle Award for Best Breakthrough. She next starred in the documentary film Flight of the Butterflies. Her next work was in the Norwegian film Pioneer. She also became known for her role as Eva Guerra in the US series The Bridge.

Following this, she played Valeria Velez in the show Narcos. In 2015, she played Estrella in the James Bond movie Spectre. This made her the first Mexican to play a Bond girl. She next starred in the films War on Everyone, Shimmer Lake, Once Upon a Time in Venice, and Annabelle: Creation. She also currently plays Jessica Cortez in the new series S.W.A.T. In addition, she has played recurring character Monica Ava in the series American Crime.

The Mexican beauty is now a notable actress in Hollywood courtesy of her recent works both on film and television. Of course, Stephanie is not only remarkable for her beauty and talent, she’s also remarkable for her lean and toned physique, something that she displays in all her works on the screen. With this, fans wonder how the actress stays in shape. In an interview, she became candid about her workout routine. She said:

“If I’m at home in Orange County, California, I’ll run for 30 or 40 minutes three times a week at around noon. I’m lucky because I live by the beach and I can run there. I also do boxing and I’ve been reading up on Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), which I want to try – it’s great training and gives you a full body workout.”

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