Stephanie Beatriz Workout Routine

Stephanie Beatriz

Hollywood star Stephanie Beatriz got her start when she made her debut in an episode of The Closer. Her next role was in the TV movie The Smart One. She next appeared as Sonia in three episodes of Modern Family. Meanwhile, she made her film debut in 2013’s Short Term 12. She also guest-starred in the TV shows Southland, Jessie, and Hello Ladies. She got her breakthrough on television after she got the role of Detective Rosa Diaz in the Fox sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine. She started playing the said role in 2013 and continues to do so until present. Also recently, she had roles in the movies Pee-wee’s Big Holiday, Ice Age: Collision Course, The Light of the Moon, and Half Magic.

In order to maintain her fitness and overall health, the actress works out and does so on a regular basis. Interestingly, Stephanie also used to work as a fitness instructor. That’s why exercising is something that she has incorporated into her lifestyle long before she got into acting. Talking about her workout routine, she said: “I always try to take Pop [Physique] a few times a week. A least three times a week, otherwise I don’t feel normal. But you know, the normal things like, “make it a priority blah blah.” Those things are hard!”

She continued: “Another workout I really love is a workout by a friend of mine, called the Under 20 Workout. It’s awesome. It’s all online, and literally under 20 minutes. It’s high-intensity intervals. During the week, when I’m filming, that’s the way I get cardio. A couple of times I’ve even done it on set in my dressing room on a lunch break. The main thing is just like, keep doing it! Even when your brain is like, “oh my God, you’re so tired, you should just stay in bed,” that’s just your brain resisting the real person that you want to become.”

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