Phoebe Tonkin Workout Routine

Phoebe Tonkin

Hollywood star Phoebe Tonkin hails from Australia. She started her acting career there. But she’s since established a prolific career in the US. She first became known for starring as Cleo on the Australian series H2O: Just Add Water. She next appeared as Lexi on Packed to the Rafters and as Adrian on Home and Away. In the 2010s, she pursued a career in Hollywood where she joined the main cast of The Secret Circle as Faye. She next starred as Hayley Marshall on The Vampire Diaries. She reprised her role on the spin-off The Originals. She’s been on the show since 2013. Apart from her work on television, she’s also starred in the films Bait 3D, The Ever After, and Billionaire Ransom.

It’s apparent that the The Originals actress is getting more serious in her fitness and health routine. Looking at her recently, she’s lost weight and has since managed to look leaner with a more toned figure. This is because she works out regularly. This is in addition to eating healthy at most times. For one, she treats her workout regimen seriously by having a trainer. In an interview, she said: “I have a great trainer, we do boxing and interval training, and I just started out at Tracy Anderson. I’m kind of obsessed! I try to go four or five days a week.”

The actress also shares her fitness activities to her fans through her social media accounts as she sometimes posts gym photos. I love to wear all black, I think it’s sleek and cool. And now obviously I’ll be wearing my new Adidas Energy Boost shoes to train in!”, she added. When she feels out of shape, she tries to compensate the negative feeling by “not stressing out”. She later said: “Just slowly reintroduce exercise, limit the amount of sugar and dairy you eat, and try not to focus too much it or it will just stress you out.”

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