Malin Åkerman Diet Plan

Malin Åkerman

Swedish-born actress Malin Åkerman began her career in Canada where she grew up. Appearing in several television shows since the late 1990s, as well as in some films since early 2000s, she finally got noticed, thanks to her hilarious performance in The Heartbreak Kid (2007), followed by another supporting role in 27 Dresses. Her first starring role was as Silk Spectre II in Watchmen, which gained her significant attention.

Since then, Malin became a recognized actress in Hollywood with supporting roles in several well-known features like Couples Retreat, Elektra Luxx, Wanderlust, and Rock of Ages. Some of her lead roles were in The Numbers Station, CBGB, and recently in The Final Girls. Aside from her work in cinema, Malin is also known for some of her memorable roles on television like in The Comeback and Childrens Hospital, the latter of which she still stars in. She also had a lead star stint in the short-lived series Trophy Wife.

Malin has a curvaceous figure and at 5’8, she really looks so modelesque accompanied by her fierce face. Apparently, Malin takes care of herself with the food she eats and with working out, of course. According to the actress, eating healthy has been part of her growing up as she was brought up that way. When asked about fad dieting that has been the case of many Hollywood actors, Malin said: “I’ve never been on a fad diet or tried one of those crazy cleanses. I think they just mess up your system. I believe in eating as nutritiously as I can all the time — not just before I’m putting on a swimsuit. My mother raised me on fresh — rather than processed — foods, and that’s how I eat on a regular basis.”

Giving birth in 2013, the actress even became more careful when it comes to her health. When asked about how she was able to appear at a red carpet even looking fantastic after only five weeks of delivering her son, Malin said it was just a combination of exercising and eating right. As a mom with her busy work schedule, she usually relies on healthy snacks like yogurt to keep her on the move while still eating healthy. For breakfast, she usually has a smoothie consisting of romaine lettuce, celery, apple, pear, banana, lemon, and water blitzed in a blender. This gives her enough energy in the morning and keeps her away from munching on unhealthy snacks mid-morning when hunger sets in. She quickly follows it with an omelet or an oatmeal 20 minutes later. For lunch, she has salad with some proteins with a small plate of pasta. For her last meal at night, she opts to have fish and veggies with brown rice or quinoa.

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