Lars Mikkelsen Net Worth

Lars Mikkelsen

Lars Mikkelsen

$4 million

Lars Mikkelsen is a Danish actor. He’s been acting since the 1990s, starting with the 1997 film Royal Blues. In the 2000s, he had performances in the Danish films Kira’s Reason: A Love Story, King’s Game, Cecilie, What No One Knows, and Flame & Citron. He also starred in the television series Krøniken. In 2009, he starred in the Danish feature Headhunter and was awarded the Robert Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role. In the 2010s, he became known for playing Charles Augustus Magnussen in the British series Sherlock. He also starred in the British film Montana. Between 2015 and 2018, he starred as Viktor Petrov in the Netflix series House of Cards. As of 2019, he plays Stregobor in the Netflix series The Witcher.

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