Joelle Carter Diet Plan

Joelle Carter

Hollywood actress Joelle Carter had her career beginnings in the mid-1990s. She made her debut in an episode of Law & Order. Her first movie role was in The Horse Whisperer. She next appeared in the films Just One Time and Suits. In the 2000s, she had roles in the movies Swimming, High Fidelity, American Pie 2, Crazy Little Thing, and When Will I Be Loved.

During this period, she also made guest appearances in a variety of shows, as well as starred in TV films. In the 2010s, she became best known for her role as Ava Crowder in the FX series Justified. It aired on television until 2015. Simultaneously, she had roles in the movies To Be Friends, Lost Angeles, A Perfect Man, Jessabelle, and The Living. After Justified ended in 2015, she guest-starred in the series Scandal. Her latest role was as Laura Nagel in the NBC series Chicago Justice.

The 46-year-old actress stays in shape by following a clean diet plan. She does so not only to maintain her healthy weight but also to feel great inside and out. For her, clean eating is as crucial as exercising. “I work hard to eat healthy, eating lean protein and lots of fruits and veggies. I keep dark chocolate too, which helps with the sweet cravings,” she said. When it comes to indulgences, which usually are unhealthy ones, she said: “If you don’t want to eat it, don’t buy it.”

She also prefers snacking healthily, though she allows herself to dig eat sweets every now and then. She said: “I always keep trail mix at hand, made up mostly of nuts and dried fruit. Every once in a while, I may throw in a few M&Ms of course!” In another interview, she shared about her food choices, saying: “When I met my husband, he was a vegetarian who didn’t eat vegetables. But now he’s trying to incorporate more unprocessed foods, like fruits and vegetables into his diet and I aim for whole foods too. My daughter actually just started eating solid foods and loves avocados and bananas.”

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