Jennie Garth Diet Plan

Jennie Garth

Hollywood star Jennie Garth had her start in the 1980s. Shortly after, she made her breakthrough as Kelly Taylor on Beverly Hills, 90210. While on the show, she starred in a couple of TV movies, including Danielle Steel’s Star and Without Consent. After Beverly Hills, 90210 ended in 2000, she continued her career on the small screen. During this period, she was mostly known for her role as Valerie “Val” Tyler on What I Like About You. Before this, she also had a brief stint on The $treet. She went on to reprise her role as Kelly Taylor on 90210. In the 2010s, she starred on the short-lived series Mystery Girls. She also appeared on Dancing with the Stars as a contestant for its fifth season.

The 45-year-old actress worked hard to get back her slender and toned figure after having three kids. Speaking about her experience, she said: “Maintenance is definitely challenging. It’s something you have to do daily. You have to remind yourself what your priorities are and remind yourself about staying healthy and living a healthy life.” She shared she was able to lose 30 pounds by practicing discipline with her diet, which is the most challenging. She also reveals she follows a gluten-free diet, which has since helped her maintain her healthy body ever since.

She avoids eating unhealthy food choices most of the time. But she allows herself to have some indulgences once in a while. One of her guilty pleasures is having a bite or two of her favorite white chocolate. She also enjoys baking with her children, which makes her have a really good cupcake every now and then. She also shared some diet mistakes: “My biggest regret is putting my body through fad diets: Atkins, cleanses, the hCG diet. I lost like 18 pounds, but it came right back. The worst was fasting with colonics for three or four days. It was the most horrifying experience ever!”

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