Emily Baldoni Net Worth

Emily Baldoni

Emily Baldoni

$1 million

Emily Baldoni is a Swedish actress working in Hollywood. In 2007, she debuted in an episode of CSI: NY. She has since guest-starred in Burn Notice, How I Met Your Mother, Crash, and CSI: Miami, among others. The following year, she made her first movie role in Killer Pad. She went on to have roles in such films as Grizzly Park, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, 16 to Life, and The Lost Tribe. She continued making one-time roles on television as well, such as in Legend of the Seeker, The Mentalist, Chaos, Rizzoli & Isles, and Mad Men. She then starred in the 2012 TV film Left to Die. Her other film performances were in Hidden Moon and Coherence. She recently played the role of Julie in the 2019 film Five Feet Apart.

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