Donna Murphy Net Worth

Donna Murphy

Donna Murphy:

$3 million

Donna Murphy is an American actress. She started her Hollywood career in the early ’90s. During her initial beginnings, she played Morgan Grave on the soap opera Another World. She next appeared as Francesca Cross on Murder One, after which she starred as Abigail Adams on the miniseries Liberty! The American Revolution. She went on to portray Mary Todd Lincoln on the TV movie The Day Lincoln Was Shot. Her career became more prolific on TV in the 2000s. She starred as Dr. Ruby Stern on What About Joan?, Heather Olshansky on Hack, and Denise Goodman on Trust Me. In the 2010s, she starred as Darlene Garetti on Made in Jersey, Angela Forrester on Resurrection, and Jane Green on Mercy Street,

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