Claire Coffee Diet Plan


American television star Claire Coffee made her debut on the small screen. Her initial career consisted of guest appearances on various shows. She had her first remarkable role in 2003 as Cassie Tatum on The West Wing. After more guest parts, she secured her first main role as Nadine Crowell on General Hospital. Her stint on the show eventually ended. She next portrayed recurring character Janie Ross on Franklin & Bash. She then got her major break as Adalind Schade on Grimm. She started playing the said role in 2011 and continues to do so up to present.

Standing at 5’4, the 36-year-old actress maintains her healthy figure through healthy eating. Looking fabulous has been part of her. Thanks to her decision to eat right most of the time, she gets to stay fit. Even in her 30 despite her metabolism slowing down, the actress stays in shape. Essentially she avoids fried and processed foods. She limits her sugar and salt intake. She doesn’t find it hard to do so, simply because she feels good as a result. Now a new mama, the actress recounted how it became more crucial for her to eat healthy during her pregnancy.

She said: “While having to stay camera-ready throughout the pregnancy was early motivation for staying in shape.” On the other hand, she knew she had to give in to her pregnancy cravings. She said: “Two of my most intense pregnancy cravings were fried chicken and pizza.” She added: “I have been making batches and batches of paleo pancakes and almond butter choc chip cookies to space out my Nuvrei croissant obsession, because it’s all about balance, right?” As she gave birth birth, her doctor had advised her to consume 500 extra calories daily. She revealed: “I’m trying to make sure they’re efficient calories. While pregnant, the only thing I cut out was tuna, so my diet is now pretty heavy on the tuna melts.”

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