Matthew Daddario Workout Routine

Matthew Daddario

Hollywood actor Matthew Daddario had his career beginnings in the 2010s. His first ever role was in the independent movie The Debut released in 2012. He next had roles in the films Breathe In, 36 Saints, and Delivery Man. He followed this with two films in 2014: Growing Up and Other Lies and When the Game Stands Tall. He then starred as Gabriel in the movie Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List.

He later joined the main cast of the 2016 movie Cabin Fever. He also ventured into directing and producing with the 2016 short film The Last Hunt, which he also starred in. Matthew became further known after joining the main cast of the television series Shadowhunters. His role on the show has since earned him Teen Choice awards and nominations.

The 30-year-old actor looks fit and masculine for his role in Shadowhunters as part of his training for the role. Playing a fighter in the show, he knew he needed to improve not only his physique but also his strength and agility to be able to perform fight scenes realistically. As a matter of fact, the entire cast of Shadowhunters were under a boot camp training. Talking about his training, he said: “It was endless. You have to watch your food intake and you have to run and you have to work out.”

He continued: “When I first started, I was running the first thing in the morning, and running when I got home…running myself ragid there. I was eating a diet mostly of chicken and maybe some vegetables. It wasn’t very fun, to be honest, but eventually, you do start to get obsessed with it and enjoy it.” He went on to say: “By the end, we were all fitness freaks, which was good because Shadowhunters are supposed to be in very, very good shape.”

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