Bridget Moynahan Diet Plan

Bridget Moynahan

Hollywood star Bridget Moynahan got her beginnings in the late 1990s. During this time, she had notable roles as recurring character Natasha on Sex and the City and had a minor appearance in the film Row Your Boat. In the 2000s, she became more active on the big screen with roles in Coyote Ugly, Whipped, and Serenity. Her first starring role was in the movie The Sum of All Fears where she played Ben Affleck’s love interest. She also played female leads in the movies The Recruit, I, Robot, and Lord of War. The rest of the 2000s saw her perform in the films Unknown, Prey, and Noise, among others. Since 2010, she’s been starring as Erin Reagan on the TV series Blue Bloods. She has also starred in the films Battle: Los Angeles, and John Wick and its sequel.

Even at age 46, the actress remains in her best self with her slender physique and youthful charm. This is because Bridget knows how to take care of herself when it comes to eating right and working out regularly. Surprisingly, the actress doesn’t impose strict limits in her eating habits. When asked what her eating philosophy is, she said: “No, I eat anything within reason. I lead a very healthy life. I’m not going to sit here and eat fried Twinkies. I eat meals. I think a lot of people would love to hear that I have a magic pill or there’s some great new cleanse, but I just don’t prescribe to that.”

The Blue Bloods star also shared that she’s never done any cleansing. She relies on eating right and exercising. As for her eating habits when she became a mother, she said: “I east most of my meals with my son, and he eats whatever I’m eating. I’m not grazing in front of the fridge or snacking between meals because I don’t want him doing that. It’s always a sit-down dinner with protein and vegetables.” Her healthiest habit? “I do have a lot of them. I wish I could say my healthiest habit was drinking hot water and lemon in the morning, but like I said, I chase it with an espresso. Strawberry banana smoothies in the morning, as well.”

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