Lindsey Morgan Workout Routine

Lindsey Morgan

Hollywood actress Lindsey Morgan had her career beginnings in the 2010s. Her first movie role was in 2011’s Detention. That same year, she also appeared in the television shows B-Sides and Supah Ninjas. She also had a role in the film DisCONNECTED. Her first notable role on the small screen was as Kristina Davis in the medical soap opera General Hospital.

After her role in the show ended, she starred in the movie Chastity Bites. In 2014, she started playing the role of Raven Reyes in the hit series The 100. This marked her first role that gained her mainstream recognition thanks to the show’s popularity. Simultaneously, she guest-starred in the show The Night Shift. Her latest work in movies was in 2017’s Beyond Skyline.

The 28-year-old actress stays in shape by engaging in workouts on a regular basis. Her starring role in The 100 also encouraged her to take her physical training to the next level. Knowing she needed to improve her strength and endurance for her scenes, she started taking her workout regimen more seriously. She also explored other kinds of workouts to have a variety in her routine. In an interview, she said about her training for her role as Raven in The 100:

“With Raven, I really imagined her being strong and tough, so I started working out harder! I was working out with weights and even learned how to do a pull-up! I would even do push-ups on set between takes. In the past, I had done Pilates and girly exercises but when I was preparing to play Raven I was doing CrossFit. I was doing very guy-oriented workouts because it helped me get to what I felt her body would feel like; along with being very strong and capable mentally. She has a very masculine edge about her.”

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